This is some Jim Jones level bullshit right here! If you’ve ever watched anything about the tragedy at Jonestown in Guyana & Jim Jones.. you know he stayed high on speed & gave daily speeches on the loudspeakers that sounded exactly like this. 909 died.
For any generations that don’t know of Jim Jones… He’s a cult leader who promised equality of sexes & races. He bought land in Guyana & made Jonestown. When a US senator went to inspect, he was shot dead. He had is followers drink cyanide laced Kool-Aid.
Jim Jones’ Cult was The People’s Temple. 909 people drink that Kool-Aid & died because Jones was afraid he was caught. 1/3 of those that died were children. Like Trump he committed tax fraud hence the move. Like Trump, his followers saw him as a Messiah.
Also like Trump, Jones stayed high on excessive levels of amphetamines for energy & then barbiturates to help him sleep. His autopsy confirmed this. Trump acts & sounds exactly like him & has those same dilated eyes. The similarities are terrifying.
Someone commented about how their speech patterns are the same... so of course I went digging around on YouTube and found the most disturbing recordings ever..... here’s one that pretty well proves it
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