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⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ❛ thread of threads ❜
❏ ❛ right in front of our salad?❜ — mama suppasit & mama kanawut https://twitter.com/babiegulf/status/1240520218352340992?s=19
❏ ❛TTTS S2 WORLD DOMINATION❜ https://twitter.com/babiegulf/status/1240593955579781120?s=19
❏ ❛i think i will feel weird if p'mew will be gone someday because we talk to each other ALMOST every day❜ — gulf https://twitter.com/babiegulf/status/1242739148475092993?s=19
❏ ❛let's keep this love in a photograph❜ https://twitter.com/babiegulf/status/1245311820853694464?s=19
❏ ❛share moments with mewgulf❜ https://twitter.com/babiegulf/status/1242109784490270722?s=19
❏ ❛oranges or me?❜ https://twitter.com/babiegulf/status/1242085489596751872?s=19
❏ ❛is there anything that he can't do?❜ https://twitter.com/babiegulf/status/1241273443766505473?s=19
❏ ❛gotcha!❜ https://twitter.com/babiegulf/status/1240174102989529094?s=19
❏ ❛stan mew suppasit or it's your loss❜ https://twitter.com/babiegulf/status/1246321751782338561?s=19
❏ ❛we don't deserve a gulf kanawut❜ https://twitter.com/babiegulf/status/1246427767886843909?s=19
❏ ❛from 2019 until forever❜ https://twitter.com/babiegulf/status/1242033842656923648?s=19
❏ ❛campus heartthrob genius!gulf❜ https://twitter.com/babiegulf/status/1248491924060684288?s=19
❏ ❛mewgulf twitter series❜ https://twitter.com/babiegulf/status/1248152348108525569?s=19
❏ ❛do you spell visuals as mewgulf too?❜ https://twitter.com/babiegulf/status/1250967489883697152?s=19
❏ ❛mewgulf, kings of fanservice❜ https://twitter.com/babiegulf/status/1251411206679584770?s=19
❏ ❛wherever there is phi, there is also nong❜ https://twitter.com/babiegulf/status/1251677162999971840?s=19
❏ ❛gulf really loves to make us cry❜ https://twitter.com/babiegulf/status/1252078236361568257?s=19
❏ ❛mewgulf, the only men ever❜ https://twitter.com/babiegulf/status/1252236229283704833?s=19
❏ ❛fate brought them to each other❜ https://twitter.com/babiegulf/status/1252516529255546881?s=19
❏ ❛mewgulf, the beginning❜ https://twitter.com/babiegulf/status/1252833198444179457?s=19
❏ ❛exercise your right to vote❜ — oat https://twitter.com/babiegulf/status/1250972443889393667?s=19
❏ ❛gulf kanawut, a complete package❜ https://twitter.com/babiegulf/status/1253557707967102981?s=19
❏ ❛yes they do the cooking!❜ https://twitter.com/babiegulf/status/1254938126092361728?s=19
❏ ❛hey, that's my (suppa)seat!❜ https://twitter.com/babiegulf/status/1253837013184200705?s=19
❏ ❛this is our year!❜ https://twitter.com/babiegulf/status/1255795004460552192?s=19
❏ ❛the only next top model❜ https://twitter.com/babiegulf/status/1257894998608994304?s=19
❏ ❛POWER COUPLES❜ https://twitter.com/babiegulf/status/1259662217064005632?s=19
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