Terrifying personal quarantine story. You may vomit. Next tweets not for the faint of heart.
I was getting ready for a long run w baby in stroller today
Missed breakfast. Thought I'd start it out with a running gummy
One leftover from a while ago in my pouch. I pop it in my mouth

Weird how did so much coffee grounds get in here let me go spit it out...
Weird why is it when I'm spitting into the sink all that is coming out is ants

my mouth was FULL OF TINY ANTS
Naturally I kept calm because i couldn't move my teeth or swallow for obvious reasons and so instead I gagged splashed water in and spit out more and more and more and more ants

When I thought I got them all out

I felt more
Finally they were all out

I used Listerine it didn't help the feeling because it was in my head and I am scarred forever
So I ran and ran and ran and tried to get away from it and well I'm going to have a new kind of nightmare tonight and for the rest of my life that is all.
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