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A Thread on the history of underground structures & their purposes.
"Out of site, Out of Mind" Its All About Levels.....
L1: Humans have used holes, caves & undergrounds since their beginnings. First used as protection from the elements, we have gone on to hide a large range of objects in our time. Taking advantage of the beneficial conditions, food has been stored underground for millenniums.
L2: Valuables, be it a stone cutting tool or precious gem, are kept under the earth & away from prying eyes. Burials are used to protect the body & soul, showing a symbolic connection with the earth. Information & knowledge are stored in the forms of markings or cave arts.
L3: Many structures have been built above catacombs & subterranean tunnels. Royal & palace structures, churches & holy sites, government buildings & castles, have all taken advantage of their natural secrecy. Mainly benefiting from allowing the safe movement of people.
L4: Over the centuries we have learned all the advantages of using subterranean structures. In more recent times, military forces especially have opted to take this route. During World War 2 hundreds of underground bases were constructed by both the Allies & Axis powers.
L5: The Nazi's & Hitler became obsessed with these secrecy granting structures, constantly trying new methods to better build & reinforce them. Train networks, artworks & gold, science & tech laboratories, war vehicles & weapon constructing factories all located underground.
L6: Modern military's continued in this vein & with advanced technology, have taken it to the next level. All major superpowers & many other countries have invested massive amounts of GDP to subterranean projects. The Financing is often hidden by laws or completely off book.
L7: One of the few downfalls is project cost. According to a number of accounts for the past couple of decades, the USA could have $21 Trillion missing from the government budget. Vast amounts are funnelled into "black budget" projects. A large percentage going underground.
L8: D.U.M.B's (Deep Underground Military Bases).
D.U.C.C's (Deep Underground Command Centres).
U.D.C's (Underground Data Centres).
Arms fabrication, hangers, nuclear arsenals, missile bases etc. All built under mountains, lake beds, deserts, oceans & any terrain imaginable.
L9: These bases have been reported to be over fifteen miles deep & span truly incredible distances. Compartmentalisation is used to maintain the classified secrecy. Achieving these feats, civilian engineer & mining contractors are used, as well as specialised military branches.
L10: A range of high-tech equipment is necessary for construction. Ice borers, powerful laser systems, huge drills & even nuclear powered machines like subterrenes are all used. After drilling, reinforcement & necessary systems like electricity & ventilation are installed.
L11: There are now hundreds of subterranean structures in the USA alone. As they have grown, underground road & railway networks have been implemented to connect them. More advanced than even the bullet trains, a magnetic levitation train system or "Mag Lev" spans the U.S.
L12: Altogether, this infrastructure is now something more akin to underground cities than just military bases. Shocking for most, we are not only ones to have built under the Earth's top soil. Upon construction there have been times where we have hit all ready claimed areas.
L13: If an Extra Terrestrial species wants to set up a base on this planet, the only place realistically, is beneath the ground or oceans. When breaching does happen, many times scuffles or battles do take place. Many civilian & military personnel have given testimony to this.
L14: For centuries these bases have existed for purposes such as trade, living spaces, observations & scientific research. Occasionally agreements are reached allowing such activities to continue peacefully. Unfortunately some in charge are willing to trade humans for E.T tech.
L15: Legends suggest other species could have existed on Earth before humans. The "Honeycomb" or "Hollow Earth" theory suggests that under the planet's crust are humongous caverns, large enough to house their own Eco systems & cities. Many Ancient texts also allude to this!
It seems "the more you dig, the more you find"....

I would like to dedicate this thread to Phil Schneider, a Global Hero & True American Patriot. Over 20 years ago, he gave his life to get a large amount of this information out to the public. Research his amazing testimony!!
Below is a link to one of the few YouTube videos of Phil Schneider. It is obvious he is speaking truth, I am surprised it is even available. If you consider yourself a Patriot or Truth Seeker, you will watch & be inspired by his words!
L16: Maybe not to neat, but I would like to add some more pics & info as I come across them.

The aim after all, is for immediate Full Disclosure. Red Pill & make aware as many as possible, in the hope of implementing change.

Apparent maps of some DUMB locations for the USA.
L17: Reports for what's happening underground, is worse nightmare material. Fitting for the imagination of Hell.

Led by a Deep State, with a New World Order mentality & a Satanic Occult ideology that spans many decades.

Here is a list of some apparent sites & their purposes.
L18: Those on charge see themselves as Elites & completely separate from mass population.

Looked at as meat at best, thousands upon thousands of humans, including children, are trafficked, bred & caged underground. A majority of the "missing people" reports lead right here.
L19: A majority of E.T's are benign & see themselves as our cousins. Unfortunately that is not true for a small percentage.

One of the pass times of the more hostile species is DNA modification.

(I obviously do not have pics of this so will add extra DUMB Verification images)
L20: Genetic modification experiments, are seen as the ultimate challenge to some. The ability to replicate without traditional means & make successful clones. To edit two species & create a hybrid. Creating something completely new, all seen as having a God like power.
L21: Unfortunately in recent history, some of our own Scientists have experimented in this same vein. In the public view, animals are used for testing, underground they can go a step further. We already have DNA editing techniques that the masses do know about, such as CRISPR.
L22: "Designer Babies" are available in some parts of the world today. You can already choose the colour of your new child's eyes. It is easy to see how over time we will go on to implement larger changes. Ultimately heading in the direction of designing our own creations.
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