Getting back to normal life will require knowing who is immune to #coronavirus and who isn't. Here's a thread on how #COVID19 tests work, how long after a #Covid_19 infection are they still valid, how to get one & what government can do to help get us back to work... 1/8
There are 2 tests for the actual #coronavirus:

1. Viral genetic material (RNA) is amplified by RT-PCR (real-time polymerase-chain-reaction). More virus, more fluorescence

2. Genetic material is read by a DNA sequencer to detect its abundance & genotype (~10 clades/types) 2/8
There's a 3rd type of RNA test being developed @mason_lab called RT-LAMP (Reverse Transcription Loop-mediated Isothermal Amplification). Advantages are simplicity, low cost, and insensitivity to contaminants from blood🩸or sputum đź‘„  3/8
How do you know you've had #COVID_19 if #coronaviruses are cleared out the body after 3 weeks? Here, the 3rd type of test is used. It detects your IgM (early antibodies) & IgG (which are later, more permanent ones). The switch from making IgM to IgG is called seroconversion. 4/8
Most #coronavirus infection/immunity tests look like a pregnancy test. A drop of blood/serum is placed on a stick. In <10 min, 1, 2 or 3 lines appear:
C = +ve control, spiked IgM & IgG anti-CoV-2, test worked.
G = IgG = seroconverting/immune
M = IgM = acute/recent infection 5/8
The chance of a wrong result for a #COVID19 antibody-immunity test is ~90%. If it's negative, sometimes doctors will repeat the test. People who have had #coronavirus will have IgG antibodies in their blood and will very likely be immune to SARS-CoV-2 for at least a year. 6/8
To get a #Covid_19 immunity test in the USA, you'll need doctor's approval but in the near future, you may simply fill out answers online & a doctor will mail you out a test. You'll scan your results with an app, receive consultation & even a license to freely move about... 7/8
Here's a possible solution to the #StayHome vs #economy dilemma: Provide doctor-certified #Covid_19 survivors with immunity cards or QR phone certificates (like TSA Pre) so they can fly, enter buildings & work. Or would it entice people to catch the disease? #CoronavirusUSA 🤔8/8
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