babies asleep. time to watch #TigerKing at long last
what indeed!!!!!
this is already So Much
yo.... Doc Antle is giving me Very bad vibes
leave the elephant alone!!!!!!
is the secret of #TigerKing that everyone is simply. terrible
oh no
renee zellwegger actually changed her name from "exotic" to "zellwegger," sort of a Reverse Joe
so are we team carole, or
oh no!!!! Shaq noooooooo #TigerKing
who would own a tiger!!!!!!!!!
oh no save the tigers from the tornado!!!!!!!
honestly in a fight between PETA and Joe Exotic im... not sure who i want to win. regardless, #TigerKing is the apotheosis of american culture
oh no poor saff!!!!!!!! #TigerKing
"A lot of people think tigers took my legs. No, it was actually a zipline accident."
im still not over the tiger-patterned gun with bullets with joe and john reinke's names on them #TigerKing
THEYRe Smuggling drugs inside live snakes?!?!?!?!
"then i got a tiger from a lady who had it on a houseboat."
wait so doc antle is
-a doctor of "mystical science"
-has between three and nine wives?????
all these people are cult leaders
doc antle made his teen sex cult tiger women live in cockroach infested horse stalls?!?!
wait so all the tiger owners are also sex predators
i loathe doc antle so much
this whole thing is making me distrust hippies even more
wait.......... Carole Baskin's millionaire third husband vanished?????????? possibly fed to a tiger?????
this is so insane!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i know there are bigger issues but dang i wish OSHA hadnt been gutted by republicans and their blue dog syncophants!!!!!!!
"I actually had to throw a potato at him to get out of the room."
"i (f22) decided to get with a man (m42) who wouldn't stop stalking me in his car and told me to hold a gun on him"
wait how did joe exotic get carole's diary!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! #tigerking
of course there are buried gold bars in this story.
wait so homophobia and toxic masculinity are to blame!!!!
wait so don lewis was ALSO terrible
this whole thing reminds me of the last scene of hamlet
at least #TigerKing amply reveals an axiomatic truth: cops are completely inept and horrible at investigation. and also dont give a shit about domestic violence, even homicide
listen, feuding tiger sex cult murder empires is just part of the new coronavirus normal i guess
oh my god the here kitty kitty music video............................
my normie family has turned it off and walked away 😱 mid episode 3!!!
i will resume.... in Secret......
ok im back bc this is the first time i havent thought about the virus for more than 20 min consecutively in weeks. thanks #TigerKing
i feel like theres at least *a chance* that don lewis framed carole for his own murder. #TigerKingNetflix
OH MY GOD she has an industrial meat grinder
young carole was a smokeshow tho
i too drive around petting a tiger and listening to the autobiographical songs i have written and sung about my own life. relatable, joe exotic #TigerKing
wasn't expecting a significant subplot to be about SEO viability
The Fur Ball..............
"And then the rabbit picture showed up on Facebook."
i have never cared about anything in my entire life as much as joe exotic hates carole baskin
i feel like Rick Kirkham, the reality show producer, is the audience stand in in a way??? like we know its sleazy to watch these terrible people cannibalize themselves and each other but also........... its hideous bloodgold
wait joe definitely did the arson tho right
[moments later, on camera, Joe basically admits to doing the arson]
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