I'm going to start rewatching the entire Marvel Cinematic Universe. Watch in release order, or chronological timeline order? In other words, start with Iron Man and Incredible Hulk, or Captain America: TFA and Captain Marvel?
So @lfishe3 and I are starting this. @CaptainAmerica The First Avenger is on deck. The final MCU film before Disney bought Marvel.
Hey @disneyplus please consider finishing up the @AgentCarterTV. We all need more Hayley Atwell
Captain America The First Avenger is such an underrated movie. I like it more every time I watch it, and it works incredibly well as a start point for the rest of the MCU through 2019.
Although the biggest reminder that it was a pre-Disney/Marvel release was the sight of blood when a Hydra soldier was tossed through a propeller. Next up: Captain Marvel, which will only be my second viewing (thanks, parenthood)
Time for @captainmarvel in the chronological rewatch. I'll be honest, saw this barely a year ago and one of the few things I recall was that Talos stole the show so this is practically a fresh viewing
About halfway through and the soundtrack irks me because it's all songs I loved, but also comes across as someone went "Google: alt-rock billboard chart 1995" and called it a day. So many better options were on the table.
Second watch of Captain Marvel thoughts: By the numbers origin story. Talos, Fury, Monica and Goose steal every scene and make Carol seem out of place. Should have asked James Gunn to pick the music but I guess he was still fired over edgelord nonsense
Oh, I remember one thing now, still think Fury naming the Avengers initiative after the name on the side of Carol's jet is cringe. Way too on the nose.
And for anyone who is following this thread, if you elect for a Marvel Cinematic Universe chronological rewatch: skip all the mid and post credit scenes because they're very confusing in this context
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