These are extraordinary times, and we’ve seen Saskatchewan people step up in extraordinary ways.

Let's show these frontline heroes some love by sending them a message of thanks.

#skpoli #COVID19SK #FrontLineHeroes
Health care workers.

Childcare workers and cleaners, clerks and cashiers.

Postal workers, truckers and delivery drivers.

These and so many other frontline heroes have stepped up in so many ways, putting themselves at risk to make all of us safer.
Maybe you’re one of these #frontlineheroes. Or a close friend or family member is.

To all of them — all of you — I want to say THANK YOU for keeping Saskatchewan people safe.
Will you join me in thanking the incredible workers in our essential services? Head to  to share a message of gratitude.
And if there’s a frontline hero in your life that you’d like to specifically thank, feel free to drop in a word or two about that person in a comment below, or retweet this thread with a story about that person and the important work they're doing.
Let’s show the people keeping us safe some love and gratitude, Saskatchewan.
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