tw pedophilia
what pedophiles (mApS) fail tp understand is that there needs to be a stigma around pedophilia. it is not a sexuality. it is a mental illness. accepting it as a sexuality reduces the stigma which can directly harm children if we begin to not take (1/?)
pedophilia seriously. we cannot normalize this behavior. and to any pedos with a twitter: again, DELETE IT. if you would like to pursue HELP privately, i respect that. however, making a twitter account and surrounding yourself with others is not the way to do it. (2/?)
also you guys DO realize that if any workplaces find this you can easily be fired and have a police investigation opened on you. i mean if you're dumb enough to flaunt your sick paraphilia on the internet then i guess you deserve that! my overall point is to literally (3/?)
shut the fuck up. don't brag about being a deranged individual online for everyone to see. minors are legally allowed to use twitter and the fact that you all are so fucking vocal about it puts us in danger. if you are a pedophile, ISOLATE YOURSELF. GO TO THERAPY. NOT TWITTER.
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