good morning happy Sunday 👋🏼👋🏼today on #Insiders are ABC radio and television anchor Pat Karvelas, David Crowe from nine fairfax, and murdoch man Simon Benson. The interview is with ACTU secretary Sally McManus. This thread is not fact-checked.
opening gambit is that Australia is doing better than the US (frankly impossible not to do better than the US) and Europe (weeks ahead of us, not an island) #Insiders
we are told that a Coalition government spending public money in the public interest [paraphrased] would have been unthinkable before this global pandemic. The montage is a propaganda reel of Liberal politicians #Insiders
federal government spending is (mis)-framed as investment, tough decisive action, and heroic. The soundtrack is a chorus of “money money money money money”. Morrison’s “snapback line”, which gives the lie to the erroneous claim of an ideological shift, gets an airing #Insiders
again the Sunday papers are summed with a Speers monologue. He is very upbeat about curve flattening, with few qualifiers like data lag and closing the border to international travellers #Insiders
new segment #TheCurve with Casey Briggs does much better on the many variables potentially impacting on curve-flattening reports #Insiders
back to Speers, who again bolsters what he apparently perceives to be an unqualified curve direction. He lavishes praise on the federal decision to segregate the unemployment queue. And erroneously says the $130 billion spend represents an ideological shift. It doesn’t. #Insiders
some correction from Karvelas, who points out that the government hand was forced by footage of Depression era type centrelink queues. Worth noting people queued for jobs and food during the Depression. The welfare state came after #Insiders
clip of Morrison choking up over his deficit. Benson obediently puts a saviour frame around the $130 billion announcement. #Insiders
clip of Frydenberg saying the spend will maintain “psychological” connection between employer and employee. Which bosses could do anyway, if they wanted to. Karvelas points to the jokes about communism and the realities of public spending on keeping markets open #Insiders
lede to interview with McManus with a clip of Morrison thanking McManus and in the same sentence saying there are no unions just Australians. Do you agree? Speers asks. MacManus thanks frontline workers and assures the union movement there are still unions. #Insiders
McManus: “unfortunately some employers might abuse...”
Speers interrupts yes he will come to that.
question of casuals. McManus explains that the legal line is whether casual staff could reasonably expect to be working. Shifts rostered etc.
Speers: what about casuals who do two shifts a week and now suddenly get $1500 a fortnight?
McManus: not every instrument has to change, not every enterprise agreement. A lot of sectors have more business, more work. She emphasises it is workers rights and conditions that must be upheld. #Insiders
Q on directing workers to take annual leave. McManus says she understands the government wants the whole deal done and dusted but changes will still have to be made as the situation changes. Some workers might take annual leave rather than the $1500 #Insiders
Speers is very concerned about workers on >$1500 a fortnight and drawing down annual leave. McManus keeps answering with the nuance required to speak across sectors and point to employers rorting the system being the bigger concern #Insiders
classic error by Speers of presuming the union movement and ALP are the same entity lol McManus gracefully sidesteps. She says Labor, the Greens and the crossbenchers have all been co-operating and negotiating in good faith #Insiders
Q: should the minimum wage case go ahead?
A: yes [abridged].
Q: just checking, so to be clear, you are saying there should be a 4% rise in the minimum wage?
A: a living wage matters my mate [paraphrased]
Q: what will the workplace look like on the other side?
A: examples from all around the world of what this might look like. We have some strong institutions like universal health; we have too many casual workers. We need more workers in secure jobs.
back to the panel via a Tegan clip of the childcare announcement.
Crowe says it is a good package, a simple arrangement, parents won’t get billed. We will wait and see re demand - some parents will keep their kids home. He repeats the high risk for older people claim #Insiders
clip of that shocking claim by Morrison that “there is *no* health risk” to children attending child care and attending school. I mean I get that essential workers still need childcare. But the idea that both sites are somehow immune to infection is ridiculous. #Insiders
*Tehan. The education minister. Karvelas reminds us that childcare and school staffing, and as places for essential workers kids, is a gendered question “as you know, David” lol does he? I have never heard any mention of gender analysis by Speers #Insiders
we get the false communism narrative again. Karvelas points out that Labor took affordability of childcare to the last election. She asked Tehan about this, and he said “this is different” and Karvelas agrees that it is “different” #Insiders
reminder via footage that the prime minister has comprehensively rejected any possibility that he sees his announcements as structural change. He will be returning to pre-existing arrangements, he assures [his donors]. The snapback line gets a good run #Insiders
snapback snapback snapback #Insiders
the high end (rich people) tax cuts are still on the agenda. Clip of Marles saying something on a very bad line. Reminder that the prime minister has ruled out abolishing franking credits. Should anything be ruled in or out? NO WAY says Karvelas #Insiders
speculation about the politics of future cancellation of the JSP top-up (which is literally called the corona virus supplement. It will definitely go) and the politics of lifting the increased child care subsidy. But let’s stick to the here and now, says Speers #Insiders
lol Benson claims there is a “fiscal purity” in cabinet that amounts to a refusal to bail out “an airline”, meaning Virgin, and ignoring that they have already allocated over $700 million to airlines. Karvelas bothsides this line #Insiders
the Ruby Princess. Audio grab of Dutton telling 2GB that “we” will be looking into what happened with the NSW port authority. Apparently the Sunday Tele has more details today. There was an hour between the ship being refused to being given disembarkation permission #Insiders
sorry, hit the rate limit again. Benson recounted how the Norwegian Princess cruise ship was managed - passenger showing symptoms was tested - and asks “why didn’t they do that for the Ruby Princess? Who knows?” The panel agree, nobody knows a single thing about that😎 #Insiders
#TalkingPictures Mike Bowers is interviewing himself 😂😂Mark David on yesterday’s, today’s and tomorrow’s rules from Morrison v good #Insiders
heh Bowers then interviews himself about his own Pope fandom and gives the whiskey brothers Kudelka and First Dog a mention #TalkingPictures #Insiders
#FinalObservations 1: Benson indulges another Opposite Day moment. By huge coincidence he disses the only woman of colour on the national cabinet and amplifies the saviourism bullshit floating around Morrison #Insiders
#FinalObsrvations 1 ~ continued and edited ~ Benson also draws attention to the fact that the show is wholly populated by current (himself) and former (the other three) murdoch employees, which he refers to as news journalists #Insiders
#FinalObservations II: Karvelas corrects her earlier comment about the union movement and ACTU working with government. She hasn’t forgotten the Accord. (She meant unprecedented co-operation between unions and a tory government, altho she phrases this differently). #Insiders
we go out with Adam Bandt washing his hands to a tuneless improv that goes shut the door and stay at home or something like that #Insiders
this has been another edition of watching #Insiders so you don’t have to 👋🏼👋🏼👋🏼
correction: David Rowe, not David Pope. So many Davids again today.
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