jesus christ. i want to kms after reading all of the pseudoscience in here. you're a fucking idiot.

what dasani does is take tap water and distill it (remove all the minerals and things found in tap water). minerals include salts.

the thing is, distilled water tastes like ass. humans LIKE having trace amts of salts in their water. so dasani adds back a salt cocktail 4 taste.
what is a salt?

a salt is a metal (potassium, sodium, etc.) associated with a nonmetal (chloride, fluoride, etc.). we are most familiar with table salt, sodium chloride, but other salts are part of our daily life too. for example, check your canned goods for calcium chloride.
salts break down instantaneously in water into their associated ions (charged atoms). so table salt provides us with sodium ions and chloride ions.

we need some of these ions for our bodies to FUNCTION. (this may be why we hate the taste of distilled water.)
trust me, removing all salts from your life will absolutely fucking kill you.

example: we need magnesium ions for DNA to make our proteins. another example: sodium ions are used for glucose uptake in the small intestine. i could go on.

your body is chemicals. your food is chemicals. what matters is the AMOUNT of that chemical.
you may be surprised to learn that almonds have trace amounts of cyanide (CN-), but you'd need to eat a truckload of almonds to get a lethal dose of cyanide. our tap water contains trace amounts of chlorine as an antibacterial and antifungal agent so that our taps don't spew mold
let's go over the specific salts you mention in your post...

magnesium sulfate = also known as epsom salt. source of magnesium. also used in....lush's body scrubs and hospital IV's!
potassium chloride = salt used for taste. source of potassium. can be used as an alternative to table salt (sodium chloride).
salt = keeps water from tasting like butthole. again, may i emphasize that the levels are FAR BELOW the salinity (salt content) of salt water from the ocean? which actually dehydrates you?
and not to get on my high horse, but part of the reason COVID-19 is spreading like wildfire in the U.S. is because of a distrust of science in this country.

don't be fucking stupid and stop spreading misinformation.
post-script: please do NOT buy bottled water NOT because ~it contains chemicals!!!!!~, but because it is wasteful + leeches on water resources otherwise available to low-income and third-world communities.

water is a human right, not a commodity to bottle + sell.
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