1/2 It's possible that hydroxychloroquine is effective against the coronavirus. An emergency medicine physician friend of mine was using prophylactically before Trump even got involved. It could have been used this way off-label for a while by knowledgeable medical people...
2/3 ...until there was sufficient community experience for FDA to approve it for use against #SARS_COV_2. Then Trump stuck his nose in it and riled up the #MAGA claque to extol his genius. Of course medical science had to push back and call for safety and effectiveness studies.
3/3 Trump's politicizing the issue, pumping the drug and congratulating himself about it has actually, for legitimate reasons, delayed its coming into wider use, if it is indeed effective. Just another way he is killing people.
This thread from yesterday represents a set of observations about the hydroxychloroquine controversy based on my knowledge as a scientist and medical school faculty member. I don't see it having been expressed anywhere else. It probably warrants more retweets than 0.
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