you know what? I would LOVE to be a kid during this era of Doctor Who. Like, you don't give a shit about ratings or "continuity" or "canon" or whatever, Doctor Who is on and you're having the time of your life
what???? there's a new version of the Doctor?? and she's from the past?? THAT'S FUCKING NUTS!! hold on, THE DOCTOR is the Timeless Child???? WOW!!!!
see? kid's wouldn't give a flying fuck about your precious continuity, they have fun watching Doctor Who. they don't pick it apart and go "well, this episode was poorly written and I hate it because I know how a Doctor Who episode SHOULD be written"
idk, i didn't, y'all probably did cause all yous ever do is pick apart every episode like you're a proper fucking genius and you know how to write/direct/act etc. and it seems like y'all have been doing that since birth
i know not every Doctor Who fan has been watching it since they were a kid and I know not every dw fan is like this, but i know the one's who are like "jOdIe WHiTtAKer HaS rUiNeD ThE sHoW aNd sO HaS cHrIs ChIBnalL AnD tHeY hAvE RUiNeD mY ChIlDhOOd" definately are
just remember, that at the end of the day, there are millions of kids worldwide who see the 13th Doctor as their role model and love her episodes and her era. I know that I would have loved it
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