1/ In the wake of the #CaptainCrozier fallout (pun intended) @USNavy owes the nation a plan of action on how they are going to safely operate the nuclear reactors on all their submarines and aircraft carrier.
2/ Here are the facts. An aircraft carrier has 2 nuclear reactors on board. The USS THEODORE ROOSEVELT has one of their reactors online and operating due to the fact the pier lacks services to support a reactor shutdown.
3/ Submarines each have a single reactor. That is over 90 reactors that @USNavy is responsible for. These reactors have fewer automatic features than commercial reactors so in the event operators were to fall ill they may or may not be able to respond.
4/ The work hours rules for the commercial Nuclear industry that the @NRC is allowing additional flexibility on does not apply to the Navy. There are no restrictions on the number of hours a sailor can be at work.
5/ It is not uncommon for a Los Angelos class submarines to only have 3 individuals licensed to operate a reactor at power and those same individuals are the people allowed to conduct maintenance on the instrumentation and control systems.
6/ How is the Navy going to respond when a submarine has two of those people sick? These are close quarters the likelihood of all three getting sick is extremely high if one of them is sick.
7/ How can we ensure the safety of the public from US Navy Reactors if they cannot maintain the required number of people?

@NRC has done a great job informing the public. Where is #AdmiralCaldwell? Why is he not weighing in publicly on Nuclear Safety?

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