CDC now recommends using a face covering if you must leave your home.

Here how to do it minimal sewing skills!

What you need:

✅Least favorite short sleeved shirt
✅2 Hair bands or rubber bands
✅Twisty tie(from bread)
✅Needle and thread

#Masks4All #StayHome #DemCast
Cut sleeve off shirt. The outside edge of the sleeve is going to be the the top of your mask.
Trim to fit your face and sew the hairbands to the top corners
Apply to your face and fold the excess material over your chin and hold it there. Sew it along the bottom.
Cut a tiny slit in the top hem and feed wire in along the top. Sew the slit closed.
Voila! Trust me. If I can do it, you can too.
#CoverUp #StayHome
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