counseling astrologers:

I'm really curious to be in discourse with others who have spent years being educated/educating in matters of anti-racism, decolonization, & social justice.
for example, my practice is informed by Queer Black/Indigenous radical thought/praxis shaped by mentorship, relationship, & community invested in that work. I've spent the past 5 years focusing my funds on educating myself in those regards.
it's part of why I don't have deep roots in the astrological community at large. partly because of my astrological studies coming second to political education after I graduated from an astrological academy & partly because the lack of political solidarity I'd experienced.
so are you or do you know of other astrologers who've prioritized anti-racist/decolonial analysis as a matter of prioritized self/communal education?
e.g. I've taken trainings, workshops, been to conferences, been to community immersions, been in conversation with movement elders, been in relationship with organizations oriented towards decolonization & dismantling the kyriarchy.
I want to name @alicesparklykat who I think studies political thought AND astrology. they are AMAZING.
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