Will someone tell @ImranKhanPTI there is not just a shortage in housing. There is a shortage in buildings for 1 schools 2 offices 3 warehouses 4 showrooms 5 leisure 6 shops 7 public space.
Human life is not only a home to sleep on but many other activities @ImranKhanPTI we need space to work enjoy learn store and breathe. So get over housing and think about complexity of life.
Merely making a housing authority and throwing money at it is not solving any problem. May actually pose problems if things don’t happen to provide for life nor merely living. @ImranKhanPTI
If you want construction and growth just housing is merely wishing. It cannot happen in isolation. @ImranKhanPTI you have to allow much else.
Construction is not only about housing abd builders the you meet @ImranKhanPTI . It will only lead to a boom when you allow all to grow. Let every one build not just builders in government support
If you want construction and growth @ImranKhanPTI build a real estate market not mere construction and housing. Lee every one build and more than housing.
Stop treating real estate as an orphan surrounded by myths of black money. @ImranKhanPTI Let it develop as a marker from land to different uses with minimum transactions costs and taxes.
Most important of all deregulate cities building laws zoning laws by dismantling city planning @ImranKhanPTI
You don’t need construction development board @ImranKhanPTI instead merely DEREGULATE
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