Right here is the raffle prize thread. I will attempt to contact individuals tomorrow but I dont actually know some of these names so please shout if it is you!
Most prizes were limited to one per person but some of the little ones near the end were put to free for all.
I am limited on funds and access to post office at the moment. I will send items ASAP. International winners will need to cover their own postage I'm afraid...I just can't afford it on our reduced income. Anything I can send using print at home post, I will! DM addresses winners!
So @GigerPunk you have one a set of pokemon stationary and George Foreman KO boxing on the original gameboy. Luccckkkyyy!
The very nice @retrofixuk has won a tee of their choice from @SquaredSeven and the computer history top consoles card game. Well done!
Hey @electroGOG you have won a piece of artwork from @Jaws19show and some pokemon pencils. Nice!
Lucky @isildore has won a pokemon pom pom crafts book. Cant wait to see your reaction to that news lol!
The very dapper @JAMOGRAD has won a Pokemon recipe book and also the mousemat donated by @JudgeDrokk
Gorgeous @sam_evaa has won the Detective Pikachu Blu-Ray
Hey @okayishusername you have won a boxed Taz-Mania game on the game gear!
Yoohoo @SpectrumTinted youve won the 8bitdo bluetooth controller. Very jealous!!
The spectacled @rEtRo_sPexX has won the NES controller keyring. Well done!
Lovely @GeezerD205 has won a chocolate controller and a copy of pokemon yellow for the GB
Superstar @SadKennith has won a copy of Pokemon red AND desert strike for the gameboy and I bet he cant wait LOL
Hey @Shpadoinkleday you have won a Gameboy keyring to compliment all your disney ones!
Lovely @treacletruffle has won a copy of Nostalgia Nerds book for keeping beside the bed. Phroah!
Lovely @deluxe_man has won a digital code for @NumskullGames hit 'SuperEpic' on the switch AND a packet of pokemon cards!
My very lovely mate @Octav1usKing has won a colouring book and a goody bag full of knock off pokemon toys. RESULT
Hey @AlwaysRespawns You have won a set of pokemon pencils and rubbers. Best handwriting please!
Lovely @Timmus_TSET has won a goody bag of suspicious pokemon toys. They look like the real thing but they are in fact very amusing knock offs and brilliant!
Hey @yesterzine You have won a pokemon knock offs goody bag but also a £10 amazon voucher too!
Beautiful @ThatJacquiOne has won a 3 month subscription to Switch online. PewPew!!
Both @matthew_goss and @cjjc have won a packet of pokemon cards each. Well done!
Hey @matteusbeus you have won a bundle from @ChinnyVision (RC has reminded me that it doesn't contain real chins)
Ok next are the prizes from people whose names I dont immediately recognise or those who are either not on twitter or I am not sure of their handle. Please shout if you are any of these people. You will need to provide proof that its you by donation receipt please!
DarkSquall (in my discord I know but for transparency) you have won the Essential Handbook.
Benjamin Turner (I think via @ReynardCity ) has won a rather lovely pokemon encyclopedia
Christopher Heath - you are the proud new owner of a NES bag and a knock off goody bag.
Andrew Pointon you have won the smart Switch case. Please get in touch so I don't keep it lol
Aaron C - you have won the box of lego
Anna - You have won mario on the gameboy as well as the Ashens book
Danhoobanoobie you have won the lovely pikachu bag
Carolyn Mercer you have a pack of pokemon cards waiting for you!
PSquiddy has won the comics bundle from @ReynardCity and a bundle from @ChinnyVision
And thats the lot. Thank you to EVERYONE who has donated money, prizes, in to the pot for purchases, from the wishlist, and everyone who joined in, tweeted or supported. Youre all fantastic. £604.12 raised for @Autistica :-)
I sleep now please.
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