#BokoHaram's top commander, captured alive in an underground bunker may be sent for rehabilitation like other captured BHM. #Buhari is working. This is why @Imamofpeace always describe Buhari as a terrorist enabler. #drelmoatiku says, may God save us & the boys in the battlefield
Chadian forces led by President Idris Derby engaged #BokoHaram in an all-out war. This is the Chadian version of Operation Desert Storm. #drelmoatiku says we shall win this war. #StayHomeSaveLives #lockdown
Picture 1 - A true battle general, President Idris Derby

Picture 2 - A Weak coward, President @MBuhari. No Tunde Idiagbon to help him this time.
@BashirAhmaad tell your Oga to wake up. Remember he said he’ll lead from the front
This is an all-out war. Operation Desert Storm. Chad vs #BokoHaram. #drelmoatiku says thank you, Idris Derby, and may thanks to the Nigerian army too. What our boys need is leadership, which is lacking. @MBuhari can fill that void to help
The battle of supremacy, #Chad vs #BokoHaram. Nigerian soldiers are well trained and can do far better than Chad. All they need is leadership. @MBuhari can join the next battle and lead from the front as he promised at the Chatham house in 2014. @BashirAhmaad, encourage your Oga
The spoils of 2 days war between #Chad vs #BokoHaram. #DrElmoAtiku says #Nigerian soldiers can do better with good leadership. COAS #Buratai and #Buhari should lead and take the battle to BH base to end their menace once and for all
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