April 5, 1663 - one of the great 'special ops' raids in history. Shivaji Maharaj, along with a small team of Marathas, attacked the invading Mughal leader (Aurangzeb's uncle) Shaista Khan in #Pune's Lal Mahal.

He barely managed to escape, but not before losing three fingers.
Aurangzeb sent Shaista Khan along with a huge army to Deccan to confront the growing presence of Shivaji Raje.

Shaista Khan captured many forts and occupied #Pune and made Lal Mahal as his base.

It was impossible for Shivaji Maharaj to confront the Mughals in an open battle.
Hence, a brave plan was hatched to attack Shaista Khan directly in Pune. Shivaji Maharaj and small band of Maratha soldiers entered Pune (dressed as part of a wedding procession, to avoid getting detected) and reached Lal Mahal.

After the attack, they escaped towards Sinhagad.
As a diversionary tactic, the Marathas had put up a large number of lighted 'Mashaals' on the horns of some bulls, at the Katraj Ghat mountain (different direction from Sinhagad).

The chasing Mughals raced in that direction thinking that is is Shivaji Maharaj and his team.
On a side note - this is possibly the origin of a popular Marathi expression 'Tyaalaa Katraj Ghat Daakhavlaa' (he was shown the Katraj Ghat). It means - 'he was skillfully/tactfully misled'.

After this debacle and embarrassment, Shaista Khan was called back by Aurangzeb.
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