Dear INEC ( @inecnigeria)
This is going to be a long thread, and I call it #IncludeAccreditationData
It's a roller-coaster thread.
But let me first of all invite those that would enjoy the roller coaster with us.
@ngrpresident @mbuhari @profosinbajo @atiku @peterobi
Still more invitees:
@msszeeusman @omojuwa @gimbakakanda @aishayesufu @ayosogunro @ayourb @rosanwo @4eyedmonk
I think with these, we are ready to go.
Dear INEC,
Dear INEC,
I still do not understand why the Kogi State and Bayelsa State Governorship Election Results are not yet uploaded to your official website http://www.inecnigeria.org 
Is anything the problem?
Now, Edo State and Ondo State Governorship elections are coming up soon, and after that, the good people of Edo State and Ondo State would also end up not seeing the results of the elections they fully participated in.
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