There has been some discussion about the role of faith communities w.r.t. responding to #covid19. In this thread I wanted to share a (very small) glimpse into the herculean response by the @TheIsmaili Imamat's institutions, of which most will not be aware - 1/7
2/7 - Coordinated globally & delivered nationally/regionally, numerous comms channels in multiple languages shared the same messages. Swift & agile through institutional apps, emails, phone calls and w/ initiation of call centres and webinars - all informed by the best science
3/7 - The content we've received, in multiple languages as well as through sign language, has included mental health, infectious diseases and public health, working from home, finance, physical health and well being, happiness, and so on
4/7 - Where @TheIsmaili Imamat's Institutions have direct involvement with public systems, there has been leadership in health delivery, from Tajikistan to Pakistan to the east African region, @AKDN via @AKUGlobal, @UCentralAsia, etc. has been there
5/7 - There has been an amplification of the arts, firstly through the @AgaKhanMuseum's #MuseumFromHome initiatives, but also through Jubilee Arts and the network of musicians and artists from @TheIsmaili community around the world, particularly youth
6/7 - On March 21st, @TheIsmaili community globally celebrated #Navroz ( #Nowruz ) w/ virtual family activities, music, and a focus on happiness and new beginnings. In a coordinated effort, children called elders that they did not know to wish them mubarak
7/7 - @TheIsmaili Imamat encompassing both din & duniya, the inextricably linked realms of spirit & life, is unmistakable.

Even if you don't understand the words, watch this - just released in the face of the #covid19 pandemic - "Say a prayer"

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