1. How disinformation spreads: @emad_badi, famous for tweeting a #Libya fake news video which was then retweetd by @W_Lacher which was then retweeted over a 100 times blocked a writer who corrected his latest act of circulating falsified data.

This is Badi's reaction: https://twitter.com/AlaaAmeris/status/1246470838439772160
2. Following massive ridicule and corrections by Libyans on the ground over Emad and Wolfram claiming a war crimes video took place in the East of #Libya when in reality, it took place in the west, they provided a begrudging half apology.
3. Of course, due to the nature of viral social media and #FakeNews, by the time they provided a correction and an apology, the lie was halfway around the world -reshared unwittingly by foreigners who misplaced their trust and are otherwise careful. #Libya
4. To avoid their false narratives from being compromised in public, after that incident, both of the above commentators loyal to Misrata militias/GNA/ #Erdogan nexus began to studiously block accounts of those familiar with facts on the ground in #Libya.
5. On another note, one expects Emad, who has a B.A. in Business Administration, to at least be able to do simple maths. Especially when his goal was to share a bogus chart from an Islamist outlet that has numbers on it. #Libya
6. Now what's a B.A. in Business Administration doing passing himself off as an overnight #Libya expert, in security no less? That's another story for another time😉

In the meantime, stay safe from #COVID2019 and #FakeNews -both are incredibly viral.
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