What we have here is Rule of Law v Cult of Leadership

In the context of Rule of Law, the firing of AG Atkinson is an admission of guilt and trampling of the law.

In the context of Cult of Leadership, the disloyal must be purged.

The problem we have right now . . .

1/ https://twitter.com/NatashaBertrand/status/1246435229700587524
. . . isn't merely a law-defying president.

The problem we have is that a major political party and well-oiled propaganda network prefers a Cult of Leadership.

Why do they prefer Cult of Leadership? See 👇

3/ Exhibit A 👇

This is a troublemaker trying to persuade us that by pointing out the truth, we are engaging in 'in fighting' which destroys the United States.

The troublemaker is also engaging in "bothsidesism."

"They" (the enemy) is deliberately vague.
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