Hating straight people has become so popular. You know you can still be an ally for the LGBT+ community, without patronising the straight community every chance you get for just simply existing, or is that a foreign concept for some of you?
You have this one sided narrative, that every straight person is against you JUST because of your sexual preference. Which is not entirely true whatsoever. The LGBT+ community loves to stay silent when people from their community are being ignorant, hateful, and bigoted.
You LGBT+ activists and social justice warriors love tweeting out “i hate straight men, i hate straight people, they should all d!e” but would slaughter straight people if they flipped the script, and tweeted like this about the LGBT+ community.
The LGBT+ community always loves to play the victim. Y’all come on here and tweet “straight people are trash” and that you LOATHE their existence when you have so many straight people supporting you regardless of your sexual preferences. I’m sick, and tired of y’all.
rant over. watch me get called a “homophobe” “you’re just trying to get straight people to like you by putting down the LGBT+ community” headasses.
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