In a couple of months, I sure hope that economic diversification is now the top priority in Alberta. It will require a huge mindshift from the current government (which continues to focus its incentives on oil and gas). But surely they will have no choice going forward.
At the moment, I can only think of economic diversification programs eliminated by UCP. They eliminated/downsized a number of incentives.

I can easily recall a number of new policy initiatives and incentives targeting oil and gas.

This is the opposite of where we need to go.
This approach has never made sense. Oil and gas is an essential part of our economy, yes. And some level of bailout will be required to maintain the integrity of that industry in the short term.

But our investments in future growth need to be outside this industry.
After the two large government pipeline investments and the upcoming bailout, what more can we possibly do for the oil and gas industry?

All of the next investments need to be in creating the best conditions for the growth of other industries.
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