When it comes to Israel, every rule, every law, every expectation is inverted. Some observations from myself and others:
Gazans send missiles into Israel. Silence. Israel responds, uproar.
Slews of NGOs exist by manufacturing "crises" suffered by Palestinians. Refugees in real crises are not interesting.
Palestinians given six times the number of ventilators per sick person compared to Israel, but constant barrage of slander and lies that Palestinians are victimized. Do Syrian refugees have ventilators? Or hospitals? No one cares.

Billions of dollars poured into Gaza and what do they have to show for it? Tunnels and some very rich Hamas leaders. Reaction? Gaza needs more money.
@abouddandachi :... Even as an Arab I learn something new everyday about life in Gaza, the word's biggest GRIFT OPERATION IN HISTORY! Omg, the Hamas leadership and UNRWA know no shame.
"No one tells #China to leave Tibet.
No one tells Spain to give the Basques their own state
No one demands #Iran & Turkey vacate Kurdish land and allow them Statehood
Unlike #Israel which occupies only its own land, the above are actual cases of #Occupation and #EthnicCleansing"
Lies, Pallywood and propaganda as war tactics, are completely accepted and acceptable.
"The focus on militant Gaza is insane. The blockade of Gaza is solely of weapons and dual use materials that are used for terrorism. Food, medical supplies, even luxuries, all pour in every day, even when there is fighting. The blockade on the border with Egypt ignored."
"No concern for war torn Syria or the Kurds occupied by Turkey. No concern of Yazidis in displacement camps or Uygurs in interment camps. Just Gaza."
NGOs "that save the world by tap-tap-tapping their greasy little fingers on an Israeli made iPhone, and accuse #Israel of killing children and stealing land.
Yet they support radical Islamic dictators who actually do commit such barbarities."
"Hundreds of thousands of innocent Syrian civilians brutally murdered by Syria & Iran, and the Arab & hard left Israel haters could care less. Why? Because it's really about hatred of Jews. Sympathy for Pal-Arabs is feigned."
"One jihadi gets shot at the border in Gaza and the world goes wild. A million Muslims go into concentration camps and everyone shrugs."
"The entire Palestinian territory has 193 confirmed case of Coronavirus (West Bank and Gaza). Israel has 7,428 cases.
People only care about the 193 cases. They could give a crap about the 7,428. Jews have always been able to rely only on themselves."
the Arab League passed Resolution 1457: “The Arab countries will not grant citizenship to applicants of Palestinian origin in order to prevent their assimilation into the host countries.” who accepts such behavior from the West?
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