This Thread is about Social and Emotional Behaviour of Elephants 🐘...

Elephants are said to value their families more than most animals. They protect the calves by forming a kind of RING FENCE 🤺 which even a Tiger🐅 finds difficult to penetrate.


Elephant Moms are Affectionate & Amazing !!

🐘 live in a matriarchal society, so 'Other Females' 🐘🐘 in the social group help a calf to its feet after birth.

By watching the adults, the calf learns which plants to eat and various social habits

©Martin Harvey
Walking in a Single File...!🐘🐘🐘🐘

Elephants walk in a single file when they are on the move in search of food and water. The calves will sometimes hold on to their mother’s tails with their trunks to keep up with the herd.

©Varun Thakkar
March of the Herd!!

An Elephant herd constitutes as many as 50 members or even more.

In a family an older, experienced lady elephant leads the herd. A family usually consist of a mother, her sisters, daughters & calves .Occasionally, non-related elephants join to form families.
Males Hang Out !!

Adult Male Elephant lives a predominantly nomadic & solitary life. He breaks away with the family at the age of 12-15 to either roam alone or find a loosely knit group of male elephants to join.

DYK - The Adult Male Elephant is called a 'BULL'.

Musth is a period among Adult Male Elephants in which they are very aggressive and sexually active.

In this, their temporal glands become swollen from where a strong smelling fluid, rich in testosterone, runs down on their cheeks.
🐘 are known to develop strong, intimate BONDS in a social circle.

Elephants are the only non-human animals to MOURN their dead, performing burial rituals and returning to visit graves.

In the wild, herds of elephants tend to follow SIMILAR PATHS 🛣️ over the years.

Often Elephants have been seen treading on human dominated landscape because their paths have been devastated by building infrastructure.
Amazing SENSORY POWERS...!!!

Elephants know every member of their herd and are able to recognize up to 30 companions by sight or smell.
Elephants are National Heritage Animal of our country...🇮🇳

They need protection, care, love and respect from all the members of community. They are not meant to Ride, Domesticated or Carry the Load.
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