A lot of people woke up in the last 24 hours to believe stuff about 5G causing #COVID19 & cancer.

Friends, I've been researching 5G for months. I've spoken to some of the best minds in the world about it, including the Nigerian leading Scotland's 5G revolution. THREAD. Please RT
I first took interest in 5G when I read about its potential in medical care, in virtual conferences and meetings. How a Dr in India can conduct surgery in Nigeria without leaving India and without your politician leaving the country. You know what that means. #5GCoronavirus
I confess, I also thought about downloading #AvengersEndgame in 3 seconds. Or any 3-hour movie in seconds. The speed is said to be 10 times that of 4G. Then I heard about Yusuf Sambo, a Nigerian doing genius stuff with 5G.
At 27, Sambo completed his Ph.D. in Mobile Communications from the 5G Innovation Centre, reputed as the world’s largest academic research centre for next-gen mobile & wireless connectivity. He also co-authored the world’s first books on the verticals of 5G and EMF radiation
So, on March 16, when @KeriHilson said 5G was the cause of #COVID19, I was quick to spot it was nonsense miles away. Okay, I'm not an expert, what informed her decision? I looked deeper and found it was Thomas Cowan, a controversial American medical doctor. So I began to dig.
First, Thomas Cowan claimed that COVID-19 started from Wuhan China because that was the city 5G blanket use, started from. This is false. South Korea was the first country (WITH ITS MANY CITIES) to launch commercial use of 5G in April 2019 and they didn't have COVID-19 for it.
5G Side effects: “the possible side-effects of 5G are the same as 4G, 3G, 2G, Wi-Fi; all these wireless communication technologies use EM waveform that radiates energy”. 
Expert said 5G radiations aren't as severe as “CT scan or x-ray technologies” which are used in medical care.
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