Lol @ the people melting down over this tweet. “Environmental racism” is a meaningless term. If you want to contend that minorities are disproportionately harmed by poor environmental policy, use normal language to communicate that concept, rather than sloganeering activist-speak
It’s also annoyingly arrogant to presume that your niche definition of “environmental racism” is unalterably true and you don’t even have to explain or justify it. Most people read that phrase and think “WTF? Trees are racist?” It’s a signaling device for liberal arts grads
Some of the people melting down over this tweet are accusing ME personally of not knowing what AOC means by the term. Believe me, I know. I've been around plenty of left-wing activists and journos -- enough to know that their jargon is largely vapid, insular, and nonsensical
Flint, MI water supply is a hugely important long-term issue that lots of people rightly care about, but you diminish the potency of the issue when you fold it into some sloganeering branding exercise. "Environmental racism" connotes that the natural environment is itself racist
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