Thread on Money Heist Season 4

*First Episode*
Me waiting for action
*2nd Episode*

Entamma ee lag?
*3rd Episode*

That BERLIN Mark Scene
Avsarama manaki eedu
Denver aka Vadivelu
*4th Episode*

Viewers to Professor:
Aaroju Berlin mata vinalsindi...
ends with a BANG
*5th Episode*

That twist, JULIA
Helping the opponents
*6th Episode* (Nairobi Death)

eematram daniki season4 starting nunchi oo treatmentu, romancu, future mida hopesu.. Malli ibiza anta ibiza... Neee.......
*7th Episode*

When professor heard "Nairobi is dead"

!Goosebumps Shot!
Police Department exposed
Whom do you love the most...

Actors or Athletes?

Spanish people: Bank Robbers
*Special mention*

Shakir.. Hacking Kummesav...
*8th Episode*

Professor on Saving Gadia:
Don't laugh at him please
What a way to END THE SEASON
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