I have an answer about the figures they published till 27th. That is the last time, they have published total samples and total number of people!

Any journalists decipher this enigma? https://twitter.com/Banjotkaur/status/1246379872840060928
The answer is given by @ICMRDELHI itself, not directly but indirectly!

So they may be wondering why you are asking this question to them 😉

We heard Kanika Kapoor tested second time on March 24.

But this is not matching with ICMR maths.

As per ICMR maths, it cannot be true
Just like Modiji's 8 pm and 9 pm, there is a magic number


Yeah ..that is the difference between the number of samples and persons tested.

Look at this bulletin of ICMR dated 22/03

18,127−17,237 = 890!
Come to 24th bulletin 8 pm

That is the day we were told Kanika Kapoor tested second time.

22,694−21,804 = 890

But the difference between total number of samples & persons are same 890!

If she was tested it would have been 891
Now look at this bulletin on 27th March. The last time ICMR spoke about the cumulative figures.

Again the difference between samples and persons are same

27,688−26,798 = 890

So there is no people tested twice between 22nd to 27th.
So when was the first time you seen this magic number of 890?

When was the last time, we seen from ICMR figures that we have seen people are tested multiple times?

Or when for the first time this difference of 890 popped up?

That will give you the answer

Dive deep ⬇️
look at the difference between the number of samples and persons...890 through out...that means NO PERSON WAS TESTED TWICE BETWEEN 20th and 27th as per the data given by ICMR.

Then how Kanika Kapur got tested twice in between?

So 890 is max number of people tested x times
It happened here, when they brought people from Wuhan

This is a paper published by ICMR scientists in Indian Journal of Medical Research

654 Individuals
1544 samples


Then how 212 people who are now certified as CURED got certification?

@ICMRDELHI pls tell
I seldom interested in Kanika Kapoor's multiple testing, but tell us how these people got cerified as cured?

Or tell us that ur numbers are messed up!
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