This and the subtweets.

I share concerns about normalising surveillance. About rushing to develop contact tracing apps (it appears not to have worked in Singapore & also conscious of Michael’s argument that it’s perhaps too late to stop the ship and
that it’s important to steer that ship in ways that protect privacy. The team have achieved amazing things in a limited timescale. But I still wonder where is the evidence that contact tracing works ...

I’m glad we have good people working on these challenges but I remain
concerned especially about the long term policy implications. Perhaps we should try to keep the ship in port until such time the necessity of proven.
And what of other considerations? Will the app be voluntary or mandatory (as other argue they’ll need significant adoption to be successful). And what of the dependency on testing and testing capacities? And those ‘immune’ certificates that again will rely on access to testing. &
How will the outcome of tests impact of people? On access to places and services for example?

Lots to consider. And there are good people looking at these considerations.
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