Slowpoke and Psyduck are fighting for control over all the Pokemon dimensions (A Thread)
First let us be clear here. We know because of ORAS that there are multiple dimensions, and that they are able to communicate with each other. All of the dimensions were created by Arceus. Not an Arceus, just Arceus.
There is only one Arceus and it created all the Pokemon dimensions. That Arceus you captured in a Pokeball? That's just one of the arms of Arceus. This means that Arceus has more put things in place in all the dimensions and is seeing how things play out.
So who does make realistic candidates? Well if you saw the title for this thread, you already know who I say, but lets explain why I went with those two. In Gen 3, we have three main dimensions:

Fire Red + Ruby

Leaf Green + Sapphire

??? + Emerald
First to answer what the ??? is in that list. It is literally nothing important. While there were events that happened there, those events were so similar to the events in Fire Red or Leaf Green that they didn't need to be retold.
Emerald though does differ enough from Ruby and Sapphire that it did warrant being told, especially considering that there is cross dimensional travel between those dimensions. This actually tells us that the events in Fire Red and Leaf green WERE important enough to be told.
But the difference between those two games was not story based as was the case with Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald, but purely Pokemon based.
This means that the Pokemon that appeared or did not appear in Fire Red and Leaf Green are important Pokemon.
Logically we know that if a Pokemon is going to be manipulating humans it needs to have psychic powers. Not only that, but it needs to have people convinced it's unimportant and not anything to raise an eyebrow at if you happen to see it somewhere.
This eliminates Abra and its kin because it's so obviously a powerful Psychic Pokemon. Furthermore it's in both Fire Red and Leaf Green
Looking over the list of exclusives we see that Leaf Green has Slowpoke and that Fire Red has Psyduck. We have all seen the theories on Slowpoke being ultra-smart so it is an obvious choice.
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