Good morning! Coming up after 0800: @DrDMacaskill @scottishcare on the difficult ethical choices being made in the care sector. @macdonke on testing. Plus @halhod on the role of big tech in tackling the spread of coronavirus. #bbcgms
We’ll hear the experience of one man who recently made the journey from the Peruvian jungle to his home in Edinburgh under tight travel restrictions as many Scots around the world await safe passage home. 0835 #bbcgms
In this week’s Reporter’s Notebook, @antheecarassava looks at how Greece is handling the pandemic. 0845 #bbcgms
Professor Jürgen Haas & Professor Sian Griffiths on the latest measures being used to tackle Covid-19. 0850 #bbcgms
After 0900 we’ll look at Covid-19 around the world. We’ll hear from Steve Merczynski in New York & @cjcarman on the situation across the US. @jpfbadcock joins us from Madrid and we’ll speak to Professor Francisco Panizza about how Brazil is handling the pandemic. 0905 #bbcgms
. @Davyshanks looks at the similarities between Covid-19 and the 1964 Aberdeen typhoid outbreak. 0925 #bbcgms
Our Westminster Correspondent David Porter on the Labour leadership election and how politicians are handling the pandemic. 0935 #bbcgms
. @realVickyPryce on the financial implications of Covid-19. 0945 #bbcgms
How do we continue to look after our pets under lockdown? @Cat_The_Vet will be here 0955 #bbcgms
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