- he hopes to do a fanmeet in india
- he said his vitamin u are mewlions
- currently watching Reply 1988
- recommends to watch Interstellar, Inception & Dark Night trilogy
- fav twice song is what is love?
- song for the day: sweet night

- mew's dream is to become an actor he just pursued PhD to make his family happy bc he's happy if they are
- he gets encouragement from our tweets, funny or lovely ones
- he believes that if he steps down on the bed wih his right foot first, good things will happen

- talked about how he should be visiting in mnl last month for the fanmeet & said he'll see us soon
- whenever you feel downhearted, he said the first thing you should do is accept things, find solutions if you can & if not learn to let go, jump eat & watch funny stuff

- "1 + 1 = LOVE"
- might release full cover of sweet night when he reaches 1M in ig
- wanted to have a corgi dog
- already searched the macarena dance on YT
- he said being an actor & PhD is both draining but the first is more fun
- he said chopper is an old man now

- he wants the same hairstyle he has now but lighter color
- "we can't win bad by being bad....to do good things can win the bad's heart"
- he likes the sound of the rain
- said he's a lazy person & always find easier ways to do things

mew said his phone was broken like this because it fell from his hand while singing and he even added "555" rich kids 🤦‍♀️ #MeAskMew
- jokes about how he gets an upset stomach because of too much butterflies from the praises of the fans
- said he can probably live without mewlions but everyday will be lifeless bc we are his inspiration 🤧
- wanted to go in brazil one day

when talking about moving on from past issues he said physically you can do a lot of activities but mentally, it will depend on how we work on it because the past will always stick with us, we just need to improve and develop from it

- said he's into switch lately & just finished pokemon one but he's planning to order one piece and he still plays ROV whenever his party calls for it (SINGTO OMG)

- the thing that he really wants to do that he didn't do yet is to star in a movie where he will get the best actor award 😭
- he likes taylor swift's back to december
- if you want him to seranade you before going to bed every night, BE HIS GIRLFRIEND

- said he hated learning thai and the alphabet is really difficult so we should just focus on speaking
- the first thing he will do after this pandemic is over, is get to work bc he really wanted to meet everyone already

- whenever he feels unmotivated he listens to "i am alive" by jj lin ft. jason mraz
- he's hiring a housekeeper lmao
- he'll probably start doing tiktok vids soon 🤞
- he said to inform him if there's anything he can help to the ppl in chiang mai 🥺

- said he also goes shirtless when he's alone at home 🙃
- he watched The Big Bang Theory!!
- mew to all industrial engineering students: ECRS (Eliminate, Combine, Rearrange, Simplify)

- so a fan asked tips on how to pass the projects and mew said to prepare snacks or fruits and bring it to the teacher so it can lighten up the mood (ACDJSHS LOWKEY BRIBING IM LAUGHING)
- said he will sing us Digimon songs 😂

"do you think missing someone can kill? i think they can because right now i miss you to death"

mew: don't die, i will do a live tomorrow

- his kboo ass dominating by mentioning twice's yes or yes, exo's universe & suho's starry night
- multilingual king answered in chinese
- gave tips on how to mention watermelon 3x without singing it

"p'mew did you know that my effort in studying is not even half of the effort i give in asking you? 5555"

mew: please study hard na 555

- mew's name was originally eakkapat but his dad didn't like it so he changed it to suppasit
- said that chopper weighs 4kg already & the doctor said he should reduce weight but the babie won't stop eating
- he's currently reading 500+ abstracts for his thesis 😭

said they have a lot of similarities with tharn esp with the ways on how they deal with love, not only as a boyfriend but also for their passion in music, this is the case if compared to his 18 year old self we would have to find out of it's gonna be different in S2 #MeAskMew
-"noona saranghae"
- he said he didn't buy a new phone yet because it's still working
- he replied to p'james & said he misses him so much too he hopes to visit their show soon
- managing time was the hardest in pursuing PhD
- half thai, half chinese

and to end this, mew said he's not sure what are the rules to give you the rights to be possessive of someone, just be happy with what you're doing w/o causing any trouble but it's important to be careful of its direct & indirect impacts

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