I traveled to my old city yesterday and I noticed a "Stop Human Trafficking" poster inside the restroom area on the side of the Highway. This rest area is only 50~ miles from the Mexican/Texas border. This sign was not here before. It immediately caught my attention. #Q #Qanon
TRUMP is def. ramping up the efforts to stop all the evil going on w/ Human Trafficking. I've been following Q since the beginning and now am seeing the physical manifestations in daily life. To those who say nothing is happening, research more! #Q #Qanon
Everyday I see more small scale arrests connected with Human trafficking. It's the slow "drip" effect I believe #Q was talking about. But he also said Slow drip>Flood in post 3784. It's coming soon. It's ramping up little by little. Have faith patriots. God will answer us. #QArmy
There's literally so much information and theories going around,but one thing for sure. It's all culminating to a point of no return where evil has to be exposed. People can't run from the truth forever,not when it goes public and everyone starts talking about it. #Q #Qanon #PAIN
So to all those #Q naysayers, You must have not been paying attention to the slow drip of small scale arrests that have been happening since Trump took office. It's a process that has been very painful because we want it all "RIGHT NOW" but it's not realistic. #Qanon
In what reality do you take out international organized crime syndicates with basically unlimited funding with no plan, just balls to the wall, rush in and take everybody in? This goes much deeper than we are aware. This is a spider web of evil. #Qanon #Q #QArmy #QuarantineLife
In order to truly stop all this evil, you need a plan, and a well executed plan with incremental steps and goals because we are talking about very evil, very POWERFUL people who can pull strings at almost any level. This is not a video game. This is reality. #Q #Qanon
Now add to the fact, we know they have underground facilities God knows how big, stretching all across the entire United States. Now imagine the entire world. Add in the islands. Submarines. This type of coordinated Evil is on another level. These are not average criminals. #Q
So to finish off this thread, have patience. Have faith. Be active in spreading good information. Every single patriot offers a small piece of the puzzle, little by little we are figuring out the big picture. #Q #Qanon #PAIN #QArmy #SaveTheChildren
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