Defence of Hinduism-

An account with handle @IPilled recently created a thread trying to "Expose Hinduism" let's analyze it.
First tweet says there is birth based Caste system in Hinduism. Let is look into some examples what Hindu texts says about varna system.
शूद्रो ब्राह्मणतामेति ब्राह्मणश्चैति शूद्रताम्।
क्षत्रियाज्जातमेवन्तु विद्याद्वैश्यात्तथैव च।।
This is from manusmiriti(10/65) it says Brahman becomes shudra and shudra becomes brahmin on basis of qualities.
जन्मना जायते शूद्रः संस्काराद्द्विज उच्यते ॥
This is from Skanda Purana, it says all are shudras from birth, with samskaras they become dwij.
Nirukta 2|11 Skanda Swami and Durgacharya both commented on it and said Devapi became brahmin after practicing brahmcharya.
There are countless examples in Hindu texts where Varna of a person changes and is based upon qualities, like story of Satyakama Jabala in Upnishadas etc.
Next he claims that in Hinduism upper castes are not allowed to talk to lower castes. That's a Blatant lie. Let's see what Vedas says-
यथेमां वाचं कल्याणीमावदानि जनेभ्यः
ब्रह्मराजन्याभ्या शूद्राय चार्याय च स्वाय चारणाय।।

This mantra says that Shudras and women must be taught, vedas are for everybody. This debunks 2 lies. Not only people talked with shudras they were taught also.(Shudra here is not birth based)
Now comes the claim that even stepping in Shadow of shudra is banned which of course is a lie, nowhere it is mentioned in Vedas. Looking at ancient texts you can clearly see that all 4 Varnas lived together. It is said that Adi shankaracharya touched feet of so called Chandala.
Next he Claims killing of Shudra is like killing an animal in Hinduism which is a Lie.
If we look at Valmiki Ramayana 2/63/53
There Shravana Kumara says I am a shudra.
So Dashratha killed a Shudra and felt guilty throughout his life, it was the guilt that killed him. So this claim is also a lie.
Next comes a disgusting and false claim about
Bestiality in Hinduism, here he tries to defame Yajurveda. I will just attach the Bhashyas of those Mantras and let readers decide.
In mantra 23.19 the translation he provided translates "Ganapati" as "Horse", readers who are familiar with hinduism know that's a very very wrong translation.
Next claim from Puranas is also based on wrong translations of texts just like he provided wrong translation of Vedas. Those who.dont even understand normal sanskrit can they understand Vedic sanskrit?
Next he tries to defame Brihadaryanak Upnishada I am attaching Picture from Brihadaryanak Upnishad and reader can know he was lying there is nothing such mentioned there.
Next he claims drugs and alcohol are allowed and promoted in Hinduism. Let's se what Vedas says-
Rigveda 8/2/12 - Says people who drink alcohol lose their wisdom and fight with each other and roam around naked.
Atharva Veda 6/70/1 says only weak minded people are attracted to alcohol etc.
Shatpath Brahmin says Alcohol is Poison.
Next he claims that it is mentioned that hanuman was intoxicated in Mahabharata but he didn't read full context, Hanuman was in meditative state of Yoganidra.
It must be remembered that Mahabharata is a Poem and poems use such metaphors like intoxicated in hari's ananda etc, it do not refer to substance abuse, Yogis say that higher state of meditation are so intoxicating that a person feel eternal Bliss.
Next he uses very bad words for Hindus, trying to demean the great culture. Most of his statements were based upon wrong translation of our texts.
In conclusion - Vedas and Sanatana Dharma do not have Birth based Caste system. Most of his claims are based on wrong translations or out of context reading.
Note-I can provide many more evidences against that thread, and will provide more if needed.

Well as some people are suggesting I will add some more Information.
He provided "Proof" from Apastamb Dharma Sutra, let's see what Apastamba says
धर्मचर्य्यया जघन्यो वर्णः पूर्वं पूर्वं वर्णमापद्यते जातिपरिवृत्तौ।।१।।
धर्माचरण से निकृष्ट वर्ण अपने से उत्तम-उत्तम वर्ण को प्राप्त होता है और वह उसी वर्ण में गिना जावे कि जिस-जिस के योग्य होवे

This sutra clearly states that a Shudra can become brahmin.
अधर्मचर्य्यया पूर्वो वर्णो जघन्यं जघन्यं वर्णमापद्यते जातिपरिवृत्तौ
अधर्माचरण से पूर्व अर्थात् उत्तम वर्णवाला मनुष्य अपने से नीचे-नीचे वाले वर्ण को प्राप्त होता है और उसी वर्ण में गिना जावे.
This sutra says a Dwij can become a shudra if he does adharma. Clearly not birth based
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