To address some questions we’ve received about our #COVID19 #Canada #OpenData, we have added a pop-up to explain why our Ontario cases and deaths are higher than those reported by some other sources.
For #Ontario, as of April 1st, we have decided to transition to using data reported by Public Health Units. There is generally a delay between data reported by individual PHUs and the Ministry of Health.
This also means we have created an artificial spike of cases in Ontario on April 1st. The cases reported by PHUs but not yet by the ministry had to be assigned a date, although in reality these cases should be spread out over multiple days (we just don’t know precisely when).
We hope further data releases will help to clarify the timeline. In the meantime, we are preparing a methodology tab to help our viewers better understand how we collect our data.
As always, you can always keep up with the latest #COVID19 data using our ( @ishaberry2) dashboard, thanks to the tireless efforts of the COVID19 Canada Open Data Working Group.👇 
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