There is no rationale in lighting diyas, candles. It’s symbolism. It’s a symbol of solidarity.
What’s the rationale behind you praying, wishing birthday, diwali, Christmas? Will you wishing bring health & prosperity? No, it won’t but it’s symbol of your love & affection. Idiots
Why do you wish good morning, namaste, Ram Ram to your parents, kids, siblings, friends? Will it make their morning & day good? Do they get success happiness health in their life just because you wished them? No, it’s a small way of showing your love & affection. A symbol
And idiots, you’re ashamed of this act, this symbol of solidarity by lighting a diya, a candle, torch? You’re ashamed of showing & expressing unity for ONE India? Then you should be ashamed to be an Indian. You’re just a blot. You can’t be patriotic to any nation wherever you go
If you think you need to answer your kids on why you you lit a candle when they grow up, I believe you’re not raising your kids well. You need help of a psychiatrist if you can’t tell your kids that you’re a patriot & teach them the same too. Society is ashamed of people like you
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