They don’t like you for anything you do Sir.

The same folks who have done nothing with their lives till now but tell you how to govern the biggest democracy of the world
Some of them who cannot tolerate a different point of view, or another culture, blame you for being against certain ideologies
Some of them haven’t handled their own kids but teach you how to handle 1.3 billion emotions
Some of them cant even manage their home budget with a huge salary but they want you to manage the economy in these testing times without failures.
The same folks who may not even have helped their neighbours or maids in need but they want you to distribute money to the needy equally, without lapses. overnight.
Some of them cannot even figure out how to entertain themselves and their family of four for 21 days but they expect you to have a perfect solution to the problem of 1.3 billion people of different needs.
Some of them can't attend their offices or meetings on time and some may not even wake up on time despite alarm clocks but they want you to announce the lockdown in the morning to give them time to hoard and stash the essentials.
Some of them couldn’t manage their office politics and give up but they want criticise your rigour and strength against so many political agendas
Only time will tell if this was our finest hour but at present, I am positive that the steps you and the government is taking will save our lives and also our economy.

Thank you for serving the nation.
We need you.

Jai Hind
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