01. Thread: Flynn is a Russian Asset?

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02. MSM has accused President Trump of Russian collusion re: the 2016 election for his entire term. What if the true collusion with Russia wasn’t Trump, but was Flynn?

Was #Flynn part of the FiveEyes trap to frame Trump?
Let’s dig in https://twitter.com/bigredwavenow/status/1101474863691182080?s=20
03. Who’s Flynn’s Big Boss?
Flynn met w/Russian foreign nationals in 2015 & accepted payments from Russian groups. He also appeared to be negotiating lifting Russian sanctions without Presidential authorization.
Violations of #LoganAct #18USC #Treason?
04. Federal Laws/Rules to be aware of:
-Logan Act
-Defense Intelligence Agency’s (DIA) rules prohibiting money/gifts from foreign govt w/out Congressional approval first
05. Flynn Timeline
Flynn received multiple payments from Russian tied companies in Summer thru Dec 2015 w/out reporting it for Congressional Approval.

Let’s unpack Flynn’s timeline of interactions with Russia.

Source: https://be-mag.org/2018/12/10/a-detailed-timeline-of-michael-flynn/amp/?__twitter_impression=true
06. Summer 2015 - Law Violation: Foreign Payment?

Flynn is paid by ACU Strategic Partners to travel to the Middle East to promote trillion-dollar Saudi-financed U.S.–Russian business to develop nuclear power capabilities in Arab world
07. Aug 2015 - Law Violation: Russian Payment?

Flynn receives a $15k speaking fee from Volga-Dnepr Airlines (Russian airfreight company; U.N. had suspended from its list of approved vendors, after a corruption scandal involving an indicted Russian official)
08. Oct. 2015 - Law Violation: Russian Payment?

Flynn receives a $15k speaking fee from subsidiary of a Russian company specializing in “uncovering Western government spyware,” Kaspersky Lab (one of their unit heads are later arrested in Russia for treason)
09. Oct. 2015 - Law Violation: Logan Act?

Flynn travels to Saudi Arabia to, again, promote the Saudi/Russian nuclear project. He fails to disclose the nature of the travel and reports a fictional hotel name as his residence during the trip.
10. 12/2/15
Flynn & his son meet w/ Russian ambassador Sergey Kislyak at his D.C. residence. In a subsequent email to the Russian embassy, Flynn’s son described the meeting as “very productive.” The meeting came to light publicly only in 4/2018.
11. 12/10/15 - Law Violation: Russian Payment?
-Flynn is seated next to Putin at RT(Kremlin-controlled media) gala in Moscow
-RT pays Flynn $45k; covers airfare/other expenses
-U.S. intel sees comms uptick b/w Flynn/Kislyak
12. 2/2016 - Flynn increases his role w/Trump campaign; vetted as possible VP
2/11/16 - Flynn told security clearance renewal investigators that he had received no income from foreign companies & had only “insubstantial contact” w/foreign nationals.
13. 8/17/16: Flynn begins attending classified intelligence briefings with candidate Trump.
9/3/16: Flynn & associates begin reaching out to Russian hackers in an attempt to obtain Clinton’s personal e-mails & transmit them to Flynn through an intermediary.
14. 11/18/16: Flynn accepts Trump’s offer of the position of National Security Advisor.

Pence receives a letter from Rep. Cummings notifying him of Flynn’s work on behalf of Turkey. #RedFlags
15. Nov/Dec 2016: Law Violation: Logan Act?
#Flynn meets with Austrian far-right leader Heinz-Christian Strache at Trump Tower. Strache announces weeks later that his party has signed a cooperation agreement with Vladimir Putin’s ruling party.
16. 12/1/16: #Flynn meets w/ Russian ambassador, Kislyak & Kushner at Trump Tower, discussing the possibility of setting up a secret/secure comms channel b/w Trump’s transition team & the Kremlin, using Russian diplomatic facilities to shield from monitoring.
17. 12/22/16: #Flynn secretly asks Kislyak for Russia to defeat pending UN Sec. Council resolution

Law Violation: Logan Act?
12/29: Flynn secretly discusses relief from U.S. sanctions w/Kislyak
18. 1/4/17: #Flynn tells Trump’s transition team that he is under fed. investigation for secretly working as a paid lobbyist for Turkey during the campaign.

1/6/17: FBI begins investigating Flynn’s late December phone conversations w/ Kislyak.
19. 1/20/17: Trump is inaugurated. #Flynn becomes Nat. Sec. Advisor. 11 mins into Trump’s presidency, Flynn texts ACU managing partner that the Russian nuclear plan is “good to go” & “to put things in place.”
20. 1/22/17: The WSJ reports that Flynn is under investigation by U.S. counterintelligence agents regarding his communications with Russian officials.
1/24/17: The FBI interviews Flynn regarding his Russian contacts.
21. 1/26/17: Yates informs WH that Flynn misled FBI in his interview, that DOJ knew Flynn’s public accounts were untrue & expressed concerns he was vulnerable to Russian blackmail

2/13/17: Flynn is forced out as NSA after only 24 days
22. 3/30/17: #Flynn tells FBI/Congress he's willing to be interviewed in exchange for immunity
4/11: Pentagon investigates Flynn’s undisclosed foreign govt payments
12/1: Pled guilty to lying to FBI @ his 2016 convo's w/Russian Kislyak
23. Recap:
- #Flynn accepted cash from Russians
-Negotiated lifting Russian sanctions w/out Presidential auth
-Lied to VP & FBI

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