Those who know #QAnon long term or have researched heavily recently, like me, can see there is more to the story than what is being publically released.

What do you see #Anons? đź‘€

#ItsHappening #GodWins #QAnon2020 #NYCLockdown

Screens/Links/Maps 👇
Some are saying that children must be saved before declassification of the truth. Before the nearly 160k sealed indictments are opened.

This video is kinda annoying to watch when you can look into the emptiness of NYC and see the signs. There's EXTREME lag on his live stream.
Young EMT's or Military, texting, avoiding questions, quickly drive away and run over plastic pole
"A lot of people are getting the feeling that cops and EMT's around town are... maybe... know something that they aren't saying. Perhaps?"
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If you want to see the FB version of what this thread will be.
Hospital employee just off work asked if he's been overrun with Coronavirus victims? He shakes his head, Jason says "Is that a No or you can't talk about it?" keeps quickly walking away, "I'm not going to talk about it, thank you."
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