It's still highly preliminary---we wrote it up today & our survey isn't quite done running---but we wanted to get our data & analysis out there now. Key findings are that ~34% of labor force report working remotely now. About 11% report being laid-off.
That 11% laid-off puts us right at the 16M that @JustinWolfers estimated today. We also find substantial variation in responses by region of the country:
Here's the fraction still commuting to work, by state
Here's fraction reporting now working remotely, by state
It's also clear that in states with lots of people still commuting, there is less working from home. It suggests that many more workers could make this transition.
We also combine out data w/ the UI data from @aaronsojourner and @paulgp (also public - thanks!) and find some evidence that our WFH / still commuting measures explain some of the variance in UI claims (but more work needed here)
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