Stay tuned for a tale of fanboy entitlement if you're into that sort of thing.
So there's a Marvel movie Facebook fansite that I was subscribed to. I say "was" because after all of this, I was embarrassed for both them and myself and decided to unfollow because I won't ever be able to forget this.

They posted this earlier.
Something didn't sit right with me. I made a comment saying that New Mutants had nothing to do with Marvel Studios or the MCU. I said it would be like looking to Pixar for another Frozen sequel.

They replied and said something along the lines of "yeah but it's a Marvel movie."
First of all, I'm not stupid.
I quoted the part where it said in their post "Marvel has released an updated release schedule for Phase 4 movies" and I asked if I misinterpreted that.

They told me I didn't BUT New Mutants is a Marvel property and therefore it's a Marvel movie.
nEw MuTaNtS iS A mArVeL PrOpErTy AnD tHeReFoRe It'S a MaRvEl MoViE
I told them that I fully understood that...but if you're going to start the post with updated Phase 4 release dates, the little bit about New Mutants seems out of place because it never had anything 2 do with the MCU. It wasn't produced by Disney. The movie is a holdover from Fox
They were just like "we just report on Marvel movies."
So, I was heated and I posted the screencap from earlier in this thread (with the group's name intact) on my FB and asked if I was being the asshole or did they make it sound like New Mutants was a Phase 4 movie.
90% of the comments were about how Disney should just drop the movie on Hulu or Disney+.
So I deleted everything. My comment. My post where I went full Karen. And then I unsubbed from the group.

I felt like they handled it poorly. I felt like I handled it poorly. I just didn't want any reminder of the situation at all.
But then I was like "that might make a decent story for Twitter."
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