Wade Robson and James safechuck wasn’t around MJ as much as they say they were .... LYING ass clowns .. MJs nephews stayed with him at neverland for a while. Even when MJ was out of the country .. the BUSY Michael Jackson made appearances and short stays at NL.. (c)
When he wasn’t there, there was ALWAYS adult supervision & security cameras & security guards.. James and wade was jealous of MJs nephews & others around MJ ... when MJ distanced himself & stopped answering calls wade would call his family members to try and find ways to get to
MJ.... once the king of pop walked away he took his fame with him. Which ended the money, the gifts... the finer things in life ... Michael has always been the victim .. the media is painting him out to be some monster when he’s not ..
Michael had his children late in life other than being a performer he was ALONE .. all he wanted was a friend ... he viewed children as his brothers & sisters.. he trusted children because they didn’t judge ...the media BULLIED MJ so much..
The media has so much influence over the human population, it’s terrifying because NONE of us... NONE of you ... really know Michael Jackson..
It’s the MEDIA that alters Michaels photos & uses pictures of MJ impersonators to make fun of Michaels appearance & lie by saying he bleached his skin ... When the media fucking airbrushes his photos 😡😡 mocking his vitiligo.... something HE has no control of
It’s the media that has ppl thinking that Michael had tons of surgeries .. MJ would make headlines when caught in public with a mask on under circumstances that weren’t even TRUE.. his nose fell off ? BULL shit .. Michael didn’t wear masks because of surgeries ..
He wore them after dentist appointments for tooth aches, he may have not been feeling well and wore them to protect himself and others while in large crowds and public places...
He may have been wanting to record or had a performance and wore masks to keep his throat and vocals intact and keep his throat from getting dry .. this man lived in the studio for heavens sake
Y’all really gotta stop believing what the media tells y’all.. they misconstrue every thing ... just because there was a picture of MJ in a wheel chair the world “assumed” he was ill when he wasn’t .. HE knew exactly what he was doing with his disguises .. dummies
“ it’s easy to believe a Lie but searching for the TRUTH is more rewarding .. “ I guarantee you if you STOP listening to the media and search Michael Jackson for yourself you’ll see that he is INNOCENT !!! Do your research #HealTheWorld2020 #MJInnocent #TheRealMichaelJackson
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