If tunnels are a minor thing... why have 28 of 31 Army Brigades trained for subterranean combat?

🔥Commander: "I've been underground for up to [17] hours"

🔥Trainer: "Wait until you get into a deep underground facility and the powers cut. That's scary"

Army started hard-core mass training in 2018. Trump jumped on this shit as soon as he took office... almost like there was ALREADY A PLAN just waiting to go hot.
Yes, the Coronavirus Pandemic Will Forever Alter the World Order... but not in the way [they] hoped it would.

#GodWins https://twitter.com/Inevitable_ET/status/1246293578692902913?s=20
What are tunnels for?
The global elite have controlled most of the countries...
And used the nations wealth to build freakin tunnels?
100,000s of miles. 10,000 large underground facilities, some the size of cities.
Is this freakin sci-fi?? https://twitter.com/2runtherace/status/1246143345417748483?s=20
Q posted a misspelled "DarNkess" in post 97.
Search for that and you get this book.
Q often leaves bread crumb trails to books.
(Search for his tripcodes in google books.)
This one... rescuing children from a satanic cult. https://twitter.com/SueWard30457453/status/1246293562599149570?s=20
Brothers & Sisters.
This WHOLE thing is about the Children.
It's gonna be Biblical...
In the Bible God wiped out Israel because of crimes against children. He sent Cyrus to kick their asses and give them one last chance. But they turned to the dark again. https://twitter.com/KillAuDeepState/status/1246153213679513601?s=20
Wow, somebody assembled a bunch of tunnel pics.
EYE opening. https://twitter.com/Able_Dawn/status/1245444838956433410?s=20
Damn, backing up to the mysterious book again. It has no chapter 17.

Freakin clues left all over.
Good people really struggle to understand how other humans can be so evil as to traffick children.

What if the elite were brought up to believe God is a lie, and were are all just animals? What if their conscience is DEAD? Sadly that is enough for them.
It's fine if you believe different, but I think Satan has managed to hide & corrupt knowledge of the relationship between God & his children.. and taught many there is no right & wrong.. only the power one creature can exercise over another.

Like animals in a jungle.
As for me and my house. We will serve the Lord, and lay down our lives if necessary to help stop this shit.

God bless you.
My personal belief about our parent / child relationship with
God. It changes everything. 👉 https://twitter.com/TruthHammer888/status/1246350792954499072?s=20
This Easter, celebrate having a God that loved you enough to send His Son.

Also be glad you aren’t the “white rabbit” this Warrior is hunting in tunnels underground.
This same warrior is training teams to breach bunkers. What bunkers would they need to breach?

Lifeboat Foundation
Jeffrey Epstein was a Board Director...
Why I don't mention any DUMBs in this thread. https://twitter.com/TruthHammer888/status/1246904057035251712?s=20
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