I love that people keep saying "IT'S ALL CHINA'S FAULT!" like there can only be one bad guy in this scenario. Picture this. Someone sets your house on fire. They are bad, shitty people. But then, the fire department is too busy watching RHONJ to respond to your call for help.
Then the fire department shows up without a hose, or water. They tell you this fire is no big deal, it'll go out on its own, like a miracle. Then, they accuse you of asking "nasty" questions when you ask why they don't have water or a hose.
Then, after the dog, cat, and babysitter have all died in the house inferno, they start to pretend they are totally on top of it, even though 2/3 of your house is gone, and your pets and your babysitter. Then they tell you they'll only help you put it out if you're nice to them.
Then, they finally realize the next door neighbor's house is on fire too. And then the whole block. Then they start to put the fire out, but it's too late, half the town is gone. Then they congratulate themselves for saving half the town.
China is the pyromaniac who lit your house on fire. The Trump administration (sans Fauci) is the irresponsible and at times unbelievable fire department. Sure, maybe the fire department wouldn't have fucked up, had the pyrno not set the fire.
But they still fucked up because they were ill prepared, uninformed, egotistical, sociopathic, immature and completely incapable of performing the job they signed up for. Your job is to put out the fire. Don't get mad when someone sets one and you aren't capable of doing the job.
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