actual commission wasn't passed until 1945 -- nearly four years after the attack & after WW2 had ended, (2) it would be like launching 9/11 Commission around when our military first entered Afghanistan in 10/01 when commission didn't get formed until over year later in 11/02
(3) while idea isn't "wrong" it is very premature -- no one is against ensuring accountability & identifying lessons learned -- in fact we should demand it given massive health & economic impact which also should identify what Trump Administration did right to streamline CDC/FDA
and (4) coming from Schiff/Pelosi versus a joint recommendation by House & Senate it frankly feels to me little too much like "blaming the victim" (i.e., the US) when our collective anger & demand for accountability should be focused on Chinese government & its failures/lies
that led to pandemic, which we should try to do jointly with however many governments we can get to join us to get to the truth out of Chinese government. "Schiff/Pelosi haven't investigated the Trump Administration enough" said no one ever. Americans are dying because of what
Chinese government did, not because of what Trump Administration didn't do. Period.
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