So in Feb 2016, Darnell Strom & Micheal Kives, executives at — Creative Artists Agency or CAA, emailed Tulsi upset that she would endorse Bernie over Hillary.

But, that was only the beginning...

Look at the latest ties to MeToo and Harvey Weinstein... It's scary.

Here's some CAA History:

In 2017, CAA apologized for covering up Harvey Weinstein sex abuse and apologized.

Also, Alyssa Milano's husband is an exec at CAA. (She recently removed #MeToo from her Twitter bio after Biden sexual assault allegations.)

Michael Kives: long time agent and executive at CAA, before which he worked on the staffs of both Bill and Hillary Clinton.

In Nov 2018, these people were guests at his wedding:
Bill & Hillary Clinton
Cory Booker
Elon Musk
Google Eric Schmidt
Facebook’s Sheryl Sandberg
Kamala Harris gave Michael $5k as a wedding gift. She had to cancel, but was invited.

As a matter of fact, CAA employees were the 8th largest donor to Harris’ “Fearless for the People” leadership PAC, to the tune of $16,500 that year. (2018)

CAA has donated $479,000 to candidates and PACs in 2018:

Cory Booker
Kamala Harris
Beto O’Rourke
Elizabeth Warren

all getting donations of $11,000 or higher.
(Here's another thread of the PR firm SKDKNICKERBOCKER who is also run by 'Time's up' which was started to defend victims of Harvey Weinstein. The ppl who started it once ADVISED Harvey against allegations.)
So SDKNICKERBOCKER just so happen to receive $850k from Joe Biden?

Their director is Anita Dunn and Biden TOP Campaign Advisor.

Oh yeah, she also advised......


So, how does this include Tulsi?

Darnell Strom and Michael kives, emailed Tulsi their anger over her Bernie endorsement in '16

The two men in that email are some of the most connected and powerful men in the country, and they have a grudge against Tulsi Gabbard.
So, remember when Tulsi DESTROYED Kamala in the debates?

Remember, CAA donated the MOST to Kamala's SuperPAC.

It's not far fetched to say she was compromised. Was she? Who knows. But look at dirty CAA and Hollywood/Libs are...⤵️
Finally, here's a list of everyone who CAA represents. Guess who is not on that list?


So when an agency represents Anderson Cooper (media) and Joe Biden (politician) do you think media is fair?

Link to article
CAA Represents these people:

Thanks to @RobletoFire for this info! Great work. Added some of my own too.
FYI. I'm not a Tulsi supporter. I follow this article to see the links to CAA and Joe Biden which happened to lead me to Tulsi.

Focus on that. CAA is evil. This is why Alyssa is fake me too.
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